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FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Wrap for Women Tummy Control Waist Shaper with Loop

FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Wrap for Women Tummy Control Waist Shaper with Loop

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Show off that dream hourglass figure that you've always wanted.


The Snatch Bandage holds everything in and has 4x stronger compression compared to other waist trainers. The waist bandage stimulates thermal activity in your core which makes it a great option to wear while working out. Look beautiful and feel confident all day long with the Waist Snatch Bandage! 

Gain Confidence and Hold Everything In Place: The snatch waist bandage accentuates your curves and won't be noticeable under your clothes. Gain confidence and feel comfortable wearing any outfit. You will no longer feel the need to wear baggy shirts and dresses. Wear your favorite tight-fitting clothes and feel beautiful and confident!

4x Stronger Compression Compared to Other Waist Trainers: The waist trainer belt has 4x stronger compression when compared to other waist trainers. The flexible polyurethane fabric adds compression to your waist and helps you achieve hourglass curves.

Wear During Workouts: The waist bandage can be worn while exercising and the high-compression design stimulates thermal activity in your core, making it easier to sweat. Fits Underneath Any Shirt, Dress, High-Waisted Jeans: The waist snatch bandage can be worn underneath any clothing, such as tight-fitting shirts, dresses, and high-waisted jeans. The waist trainer won’t be noticeable and will look smooth underneath your clothes.

Adjustable Wrap with Velcro Loop Hook: The snatch bandage is adjustable and holds securely together with the velcro loop hook closure. The waist bandage can be tightened or loosened to your comfort level.

Comes in Regular and Plus Size Options: The waist snatch bandage comes in both regular and plus-size options. The regular size option has a 13ft wrap length and the plus size option has a 16.40ft wrap length. 

Moisture-Wicking, Sweat-Proof Fabric: The snatch bandage is made of moisture-wicking, sweat-proof polyurethane fabric. The fabric is breathable and will stay dry even while exercising or wearing it all day long. Comfortable, Flexible for All-Day Wear: The waist trainer bandage is comfortable and flexible for all-day wear. With its adjustable design and breathable fabric, the snatch bandage won’t feel too tight or sweaty after wearing it all day.

Helps Correct Back and Body Posture: Not only does the waist trainer bandage help you feel confident and assist you with losing weight, it also can help correct your back and body posture. The waist trainer belt will keep you sitting and standing upright in the correct posture.

Provides Back Support for Squatting and Lifting Weights: The snatch bandage provides good back support for squatting and lifting weights. No more straining and hurting your back while exercising with the waist belt. 

Product Specifications:
Adjustable Wrap with Loop, Velcro
Material: Flexible, Moisture-Wicking Polyurethane Fabric
Color: Black

Size Measurement:
Standard length: 4m width: 10cm
Plus  length: 5m width: 13cm

Package Includes:
1 x Waist Trainer Snatch Bandage

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